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Nepal undergoing reconstruction



April 25, 2015, Nepal is ravaged by an earthquake

Following the earthquake that devastated Nepal on April 25, 2015, the association of "Knights of the Wind" and Raidlight joined together to help the people of Nepal by selling 500 Nepal pass-mountain headwear incorporating the traditional 5 colour prayer flag design at a price of €15, of which all proceeds collected were distributed by targeting rural areas closest to the epicentre in the Lamjung District.

The spirit of solidarity that ensued surpassed all expectations; originally 500 pass-mountains were proposed by Raidlight’s founder Benoit Laval; however, these were all sold in one evening. In light of the popularity, we decided to extend the offer for longer, and €51,720 was eventually collected and donated to the https://garudanepal.org/ GARUDA association. A total of 3,000 pass-mountains were produced which required the help of volunteers for packaging!


Who benefitted from the money?

The Gorkha Region suffered the brunt of the seismic waves from the earthquake (in some villages, 70% of homes were destroyed), and as such the association chose to make a distribution of effective and targeted revenue in the rural areas close to the epicenter in Lamjung District. This area is where the Knights of the Wind association organises the Annapurna Mandala Trail race, so is well known to them.


Action on the ground: what happened to the €51,720 collected?

During the month of May and June, before the monsoon, the association conducted an emergency distribution of food (rice, oil, dhal, salt, sugar, clothing, blankets, woolens, pharmacies), particularly in totally destroyed villages and inaccessible locations. In addition, medical aid was dispatched on site.


During these two months of intensive emergency distributions (food, shelter, medicine and seeds) which covered the immediate needs of nearly 20 000 people, the association also financed the reconstruction of a small monastic school in the Na Rolwaling region.

After the monsoon, reconstruction projects were undertaken:
  • Reconstruction of two primary schools in the villages of Majdigaon and of Sherabhesi
  • Reconstruction of a medical centre which attracts patients from more than 40 villages in Palanchok.
  • Subsidizing the construction of a road and a bridge in a village completely isolated from the world in the Manaslu area after the earthquake.
  • Reconstruction of three primary schools and a medical centre area; Kavri

These reconstructions have benefited from seismic and photovoltaic structures, and the ability to not only collect and filter rainwater, but also develop toilets and showers for all villagers.

These projects will of course be accompanied by educational and medical training.


April 27, 2016, 13 children have returned to class in the school built by your donations.

The progress of these interventions shows how the country, helped by NGOs and associations such as Garuda, has managed to rebuild many parts, but also still faces many challenges ahead.

Thus, to continue supporting such actions and sustain the impact of efforts so far, we have decided to restart production of The Mountain Pass Nepal at a price of €15, of which €7.50 will go to the Garuda Association, you can follow the news here: https://garudanepal.org/