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« The battles of life are never won by the strongest, nor
the fastest, but by those who never give up. »

Feu Hasan II


« Born in 1982 in Zagora, I started running whilst at school. After this, I joined a club before running in competitions. Later, I naturally participated in the 10km (30min PB), Half Marathon(PB1:08) and Marathon (PB 2:20). In 2011, I had the opportunity and honour of joining Mohamad Ahansal's team to participate in the MDS. I was lucky enough to win the race on my first try! In my area, the Ahansal brothers are legends, and they became my idols. After this victory, I was invited to participate in the Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal (UTAT) where I discovered Mountain Trail Running and even Ultras. This was to be my year; the first running of this event saw a neck and neck with the legend of the trail, Dawa Sherpa and myself. This continued until the last check point where after I ran on to victory. A change in fortune came in 2012, I fractured my femur while I was leading the MDS! After my surgery, it took me two years to get back to my previous fitness level and reach a good enough physical condition to allow me to participate again in MDS and UTAT. Since then, a small structure was put in place around me to help me build my sporting career beyond Morocco's borders. »



  • 1st MDS.
  • 1st Oman Desert Marathon.
  • 1st MDS.
  • 2nd OCC.
  • 1st MDS.
  • 2nd UT4M.
  • 1st Challenge de l'Atlas (42 + 26 km - UTAT).
  • 1st Oman Desert Marathon.
  • 1st MDS.
  • 1st Challenge de l'Atlas (42 km - UTAT).
  • 1st Oman Desert Marathon.
2012 - 2013
  • 1st Virée d'Ikkis (26 km - UTAT).
  • 1st MDS.
  • 1st UTAT (105 km).

Describe yourself with 5 key-words:

Happy • Pugnacious • Curious• Human • Attentive


Being a Raidlight athlete, What does it mean to you?

« I am proud to be the first Moroccan trail rider under contract with a major international supplier. I am very happy to be working within a French Team. Whether today or tomorrow on the MDS, the UTAT or the OCC ... Raidlight has always given me my chance.

I am extremely honoured to evolve with the athletes of Team Raidlight. Each in their own way has demonstrated the example of performance, humility, tenacity and openness to the other.

In a world where the future of our earth and the relationship between those who inhabit it are weakened, the hand that stretched to me from Raidlight integrating me into the team are all strong signals and unifying values that motivate me to give the best of myself. If Raidlight trusted me today, it is because they have believed in me as a trail runner in itself; able to perform outside of my land and off the sand. I am infinitely grateful to them. »

His signature brands

Responsiv 3L Race Vest Technical shirt Short Trail Raider Evo
Responsiv 3L Race Vest Technical shirt Short Trail Raider Evo